Guangdong Weilian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. won 5 more patents

2021-01-12 10:53:14 19

We warmly congratulate our company on five design patents, including docking station lc04-lc05, data cable connector CH02, docking station tc04-tv07, docking station K17 and docking station C04, which have been authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office, and successively obtained patent certificates from January 2020 to November 2020.

In recent years, the company has increased investment in scientific research and technology, actively carried out technological innovation, and has applied for and obtained several design patents and other patents authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office.

The acquisition of this patent has enhanced the core competitiveness of the company's technology, provided strong scientific and technological support for the future development of the company, and once again demonstrated the strength of our company as an electronic technology Co., Ltd. from the integration of development, testing and production!