Guangdong weilianhe Road Cultural Study and exchange meeting

2021-01-12 11:30:02 56

Under the leadership of general manager Huang, the leaders of all departments of the company welcome the course with the most relaxed state and the most abundant mental outlook in order to improve themselves and make the colleagues of all departments get greater improvement and change in their work and life.


In class, the teacher said a few points, we feel very much:

1、 Thinking is greater than habit, habit is greater than result. Success is a habit, failure is also a habit, change the habit is not comfortable, not used to, uncomfortable start, but constantly repeat new habits, habits will become natural. In our real life and work, we often know that it is a bad habit not to eat breakfast. If we do not cooperate with the leadership reform, we always follow the old habits. Through learning, we realize that as long as people take a step to change, they will make the new habits become their favorite habits.




2、 Initiative is talent, passivity is mediocrity. We used to study hard and thought that opportunities were reserved for those who were ready, but opportunities were also reserved for those who took the initiative. If a person has the ability, does not take the initiative to undertake, and takes the initiative to pay for the company, the value he creates for the company is very small. In addition, we will share five active standards:

One star (did not take the initiative) waiting for instructions, let him do what he will do

Two star (take the initiative) after completing their posts, ask what else to do

Samsung (active communication) has problems and proposes solutions

Four star (active learning) take action immediately, report problems to the superior in time

Five star (single file side) immediate action, report results anytime and anywhere

4、 What is the relationship between employees and the company? Is it an employment relationship? No, it's a cooperative relationship. There are three ways of cooperation

1. Loose cooperation: the focus is to muddle around every day. It's none of my business to do well or bad. I get paid every month. I work less and get more money every day. I can do less and try to do less. I hope to get the maximum return with the minimum investment. The company gave me 3000 yuan and I worked for 2000 yuan.

2. Semi close cooperation: the focus is on working for myself. If the company is good to me, I will support it. If it is not good, I will oppose it. I will do as much work as the company gives me. I want to succeed in my career with the heart of selling. The company gave me 3000 yuan and I did 3000 yuan work.

3. Close cooperation: (making the most money) the focus is just to do a good job. I give all of me to the company, and the company will try its best to achieve me. I put the company first, and the company will also put me first.

To be consistent with the company's position at any time, to be able to take responsibility that others can't bear, to understand what others don't understand, to be consistent with the company in thought, to be consistent with the company in action, and to be a person who can stand alone. The company gave me 3000 yuan and I did 5000 yuan work.


Managing an enterprise is the operator, and the operator is the will of the operator. Mr. Huang saw that his team thinking had improved, and he had a more cognitive sense of the company. Seeing our progress, he laughed with understanding.




 After learning, the company organized a sharing meeting. They shared their feelings with all colleagues in the company. We can't influence a group of people by ourselves, but we can influence a group of people by a group of people. We can influence your behavior with the thinking of successful people.




 After sharing with the leaders of all departments, the first, second and third place were voted by all colleagues. The attached picture shows the award ceremony. The gifts are not expensive, but the people are warm. The company not only encourages us to work hard, but also cares and helps us from the aspects of our thinking, work ability improvement and life concept. Company people-oriented, integrity management, unity and cooperation, the courage to exceed the determination will accompany us forward.